Project Kaushal was started in 2019 to improve computer literacy skills for the underprivileged. Kriti Kaushal Center is an independent computer literacy center that is equipped with 13 Computer systems and can easily handle up to 25 students per class. The center is located in the Film Nagar area slums in Brindavan Colony and is open from 11 AM to 7 PM each day with additional hours on Sundays.

The center attracts school and college students from nearby areas along with dropouts, housewives and part time workers looking to upskill. Kriti has also collaborated with nearby low-cost private schools and school students from 6th to 9th grades are attending computer classes during school hours. These students follow a graded comprehensive curriculum that enables them to pick many computer skills. Children also learn presentation skills, logic, and basic programming that they can use later in their careers.

The center offers two to four month courses on Computer Basics, Advanced basics, Robotics, Microsoft Office, Python, Scratch, Web design, and Data entry skills. In order to prepare students for the workforce, soft skills are also included for individuals wishing to improve their skills for better employment chances.

Each class meets for 2 hours per week and focuses on the student getting practical skills. Sometimes the course time is extended keeping in mind the progress of the students. All students who complete the course get a course completion certificate.


Number of current courses : 10

Total No. of courses conducted since Inception (2022 NOV-2023 SEP) : 31

Total Enrollments : 555

Total No. of students graduated : 476 (6th to 10th, Intermediate, Degree, Engineering)

Total No. of others graduated : 79 (Homemaker, Working people, School Teacher’s)

Attendance (%) : 90%

Total No. of schools covered : 58

Total No. of colleges covered : 45

Kriti kaushal Centre

Kriti kaushal Centre

Session in Kriti’s kaushal center.

Kriti’s Computer trainer Sowbhagya  taking Basic Courses.

Artwork using “Paint” Software by Naveen

Students working on Robotics Circuit

Students received course completion certificates from Kriti trustee, Sreelata Chebrol and Texoham Founder, Mr Sahadev Komaragiri