Karuna 2

Padmavati is a 52 year old woman living in the Film nagar slums. A very active and capable woman, she is involved in many community activities including, managing SHG groups and supervising the balwadi program. On the 5th of May 2021, she got severe diarrhoea and fever. Not surprisingly, she tested positive for Covid. Two days later, her symptoms did not abate and she did not have money or the energy to visit a doctor. That’s when someone told her son to reach out to the Kriti helpline. The Kriti team arranged a doctor phone consultation for her. She was too weak to talk, so her son explained the situation. “Monitoring her oxygen is essential,” said the doctor. Our team delivered vitamins, a thermometer and a pulse oximeter to her home. Her oxygen saturation had already dropped to 89%. She was lucky to find a bed at TIMS hospital and remained on oxygen support for a week. She is back home now and slowly regaining her strength and energy. Kriti helped her family with ration support and even arranged food delivery to her house after she returned, as her daughter-in-law also fell ill for a few days and could not cook.

Timely intervention can save a life and our team is determined to help every person we can who is affected by the SARS Coronavirus. Many cases can be managed with home care, provided the patient is taught how to watch out for signs of danger and seek medical advice at the right time.

Kriti has started Karuna 2, a telemedicine and ration support project to help patients with early stage Covid who need medical and psychological guidance. We also provide on-ground support in terms of delivery of food, vegetables, medicines, pulse oximeter and sanitizers to economically stressed families to help them maintain home isolation while closely monitoring their symptoms.

Kriti has a team of volunteer doctors who are providing free counseling and guidance. This facility is a huge boon to Covid affected patients and their families who are confused by the barrage of information that is bombarding them about Covid everyday. For the middle class families, the doctor consultation and counseling suffices. For the low income families or daily wage workers, home isolation for 14 days is a huge financial strain, and hence, we are supporting them with ration and medicine support as well.

Please complete our Volunteer Enrollment Form, if you would like to volunteer for the project. If you would like to donate for the cause, please click on the link here.