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Kriti Social Initiatives (Kriti) is a not for profit organization started in 2009 and working in the Film Nagar slums in Hyderabad. Kriti was started by professionals from the corporate sector who are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of urban slum dwellers.
The Film Nagar slum is a large slum of over 4000 households in the heart of the city. We strongly believe that working with the women will help improve the wellbeing of the entire family. We are working mainly on issues related to livelihoods for women and education of children.
1 . Livelihoods for women: We help women to find livelihoods close to their homes that allows them to earn income in a safe environment while also balancing family time. We provide work for 45-50 women through tailoring, embroidery or making paper bags. We make a range of ethnic and eco-friendly products including jute and cloth bags, bedspreads, frocks etc. Learn more about the project and see the range of products here
2 . Scholarships for children: We support the education of over 300 children from needy families and also provide mentoring to the children and the mothers. Learn more about the program here.
3 . Government School Project: We have adopted 2 government schools in the Shaikpet mandal and are in the process of adopting more schools. We help provide necessary infrastructure like building walls, gate, providing benches for children, adequate bathrooms etc. We also provide teaching support, stationery for children and other educational support that will impact the education of the children. Learn more